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wjAshe County is located in northwestern North Carolina's High Country. A couple of centuries past, Ashe was known as the Lost Provinces: in the winter, the only way to get into or out of county was to be born or die.

Lately, not so much. Ashe Countians can reach anywhere in the globe from the comfort of our drafty, boulder-perched cabins, as long as the Wi-Fi holds out.

At present, the design is experimental. Please bear with us as we develop. New features and links may appear without warning.


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  1 Solomon's Bow : Mothers Jewelry*
  2 Blue Ridge Gallery of Fine Art : Sparta*
  3 David Stickel : NC Artist*
  4 Lenore DePree : Local Artist*
  5 Nancy Hubbard : Nature photography, Sparta*
  6 Rooster Ridge *
  7 Teresa Pennington : Colored Pencil Artist*
  8 Werner Willis Fine Art : NC Artist*
  9 Mark Stephen Willingham : Local Artist*


10 Museum of Ashe County History, Inc. *


11 Beaver Creek Christian Church *
12 Global Outfitters : Missions Outreach*
13 Mount Jefferson Presbyterian *


14 MasterCraft Homes *
15 Trax Grading *


16 Archers for the Lord : Homeschool Information*


17 Ashe County Free Medical Clinic *
18 Body Mind Dynamics : Masage Therapy*
19 Current Chiropractic *
20 Rooster Ridge Stairlifts *


21 The Hillbilly Geek : Internet Services*
22 The Lost Province : Internet Design*


23 Arts Aloft *
24 Ric Kolseth : Shameless self promotion*
25 Terri King : Motivaton*


26 MasterCraft Rentals *

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